A look at the Power 5 Conference media days coverage and what it means.


I didn’t get a chance to watch all of the Power 5 conference media days, so it’s difficult for me contrast and compare their coverage. @SectionMZ (Matt Zemek) of  The StudentSection and future ACC Weekly podcast guest wrote a very interesting piece looking at each conference’s media coverage. 

Has anyone noticed the wall to wall to coverage that ESPN gave the SEC during their media days? Why didn’t the Pac 12 and Big 10 Networks give their conference even live coverage? The ACC had the defending National Champions Florida State and the ACC was coming off one the best football seasons of the BCS era of any conference and couldn’t get around the clock live coverage from ESPN. I should add @theACCDN did provide live coverage of the ACC Media Days. I wonder what Zemek’s opinion of that was. @HokieSmash and I  may have to ask him when he is on the podcast.

The Big 12 barely made a blip in media coverage with Fox Sports. No one questions that the SEC has been college football’s leading conference the last few years, and is due significant coverage, but disparity in coverage is at best odd, and at worst a conference perception influencing event.

Here is the thought provoking summary of Zemek’s piece.

Yet, in a climate of cutthroat competition, the arguments about media treatment of conferences can no longer be viewed solely through the prism of what the SEC gets from ESPN (and also CBS). The Pac-12 and Big Ten have house-organ networks which, through their failures over the past week, have become much more a part of the problem…

It’s well worth the time to read it.


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