ACC Media makes their picks for the ACC Championship Game and Player of the Year.


The ACC Football media days have come to a close, and what picks have the ACC Media made? You can check out those picks at theACC.com.

Ok no surprise that Florida State in the Atlantic Division pick, or that Jameis Winston was name Player of the Year. There were a couple of head scratchers though.

Um who gave Brendan Motley the QB of Virginia Tech a POY vote? Motley is not even guaranteed to be the starting quarterback at Virginia Tech this year. Heck even a Virginia Tech blog was in disbelief over the pick.  Maybe Motley will turn out to be a great player, but I don’t see how anyone can make this pick going into the season. Who knew Brendan’s Mom was a member of the media?

I was also surprised somewhat by Miami being picked to the win the Coastal Division. It wasn’t shocking that some media members picked the Hurricanes to win the Division, but enough to be name pre-season favorite? I haven’t made my ACC picks yet, but here’s a hint, I don’t see Miami winning the Coastal.

There are several things working against Miami.

1. They have a new starting QB

2. Their defense, let’s just say had issues last year. 

3. The worst record an ACC Coastal Division has ever had and made the Title game is 5-3 in Conference. That’s happened just twice in the Championship game era. 

Miami has never finished better than 5-3 in the ACC.

4. The Schedule

Miami has to play at Louisville, at Virginia Tech, and still has to face Florida State. All this and still face ACC Coastal contenders Duke, UNC, and Georgia Tech  plus a game at Nebraska and a tricky one with Cincinnati.

I’m not saying it can’t happen, like Brendan Motley winning the POY, but I guess the ACC media is seeing something I’m not seeing. Right now I’m still going back and forth between Virginia Tech, Duke, and UNC as my Coastal Division Champion.

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