Let’s applaud the Lebron James decision to return to Cleveland.


Lebron James has made the decision. He’s going back to Cleveland. I’ve always liked James. He raises money for charities. He made playing basketball Team USA important. As much credit as Mike Kzyzewski and Jerry Colangelo get for helping revitalize Team USA basketball, and they deserve it, Lebron James also deserves a lot of credit.

It wasn’t until Lebron James started playing Team USA basketball, that the NBA’s best players starting playing Team USA basketball again. As a fan, I always respected that. Then there was the decision – 2010 to take his talents to “South Beach”. It appeared self-serving, and it was a slap in the face to Cleveland fans. You know he didn’t intend it that way, but it wasn’t a good look.

4 Years later Lebron James wrote an essay why he was returning to Cleveland.  It’s seems sincere, honest, and heartfelt. Do you know what else it was? Gutty… James was ripped by Cleveland fans for the 2010 decision. There would be those that might say he bailed on Miami to go to the young and talented Cavaliers. Maybe his legacy would take hit… Magic, Jordan, Bird all spent just about their entire careers with one team. James was making his 2nd switch before age 30.

If he brings a championship to Cleveland, something that hasn’t been done in 49 years, James will go from 1st ballot Hall of Famer to certified legend.

I really believe James is one of the good guys in professional sports. I think he’s making this decision for the right reasons. I hope he gets Cleveland a Championship one day.

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