Podcast – @HokieSmash and @TalkinACCSports review the Spring and preview the Georgia Tech football team.

Robert Godhigh,  Zach Laskey, Darren Waller, DeAndre Smelter

@HokieSmash and I @TalkinACCSports  continue our podcast preview of the ACC this week. This time yours truly is on the hotseat. We preview Georgia Tech in this podcast. I graduated from Georgia Tech so I follow the program closely, and it was fun to answer the questions rather than ask them this time.

At this time @HokieSmash and I @TalkinACCSports would like to thank all of our listeners to the podcast. The number of downloads increases almost every week, and we’ve gotten great feedback on twitter. We couldn’t do it without all our great guests that have come on, so many thanks to them.

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In this order, these are topics we covered on the podcast. It’s episode 43 on the dropdown list.

@TalkinACCSports tells us about himself

Tell us about the Georgia Tech’s spring game turnout

Georgia Tech’s major strengths coming out of spring practice

Georgai Tech’s weaknesses coming out of spring practice

Position(s) of most concern

New recruits that have been the most impressive, and which may earn early playing time for the Yellow Jackets

Georgia Tech game that @TalkinACCSports is looking forward to the most

Will the Yellow Jackets be a better team than last year?

Final Thoughts, and local restaurants to visit near Georgia Tech

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