Articles from around the ACC Blogosphere July 7, 2014.


It’s ACC blogger time… What’s happening out there in the ACC blogosphere?

Are you an ACC opponent of the Florida State Seminoles this year? What does FSU blog Tomahawknation think of your chances of beating the might Seminoles?  Florida State is most the talented team in the country… Fact. Sorry Alabama, Auburn, Oregon or anyone else. For anyone in the ACC it’s going to take an extraordinary effort to beat the Noles, and Florida State is going to have to help.

At Georgia Tech, we know it takes a special kind of quarterback to run the triple option. Yellow Jacket blog FromtheRumbleSeat has an interesting article visualizing the different quarterback styles that Paul Johnson has had in Atlanta. 

TarHeelBlog looks at Rashad McCants most recent comments he gave on Satellite Radio.  Rashad has been more chatty in the last few weeks than his entire time at North Carolina.

Syracuse blog NunesMagician ranks the ACC’s running back units.  

Virginia blog StreakingtheLawn is pretty happy to see Maryland head off to the sunset. 

Did Mike Gottfried get snubbed getting left off ESPN’s top 50 college basketball coaches? N.C. State blog BackingthePack believes there was a snub…  Gottgried is a good coach, I’d have him in the top 50 college basketball coaches in America.

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