The most Pivotal game in 2014 for each ACC Coastal Division Team.


We  are less than 2 months away from the college football season… I want to take a look at the most pivotal game for each ACC Coastal Division team. This doesn’t mean the toughest game, or even the biggest game on the schedule. It may not even be traditional rivalry game, but it’s the game that I think is the most critical for that team to have a successful season. The best way to describe this game is it’s toss-up game, you can’t lose.

Duke Blue Devils – Virginia Tech, November 15, 2014 

I think in this year’s Coastal Division, you’ll be able to lose a couple of games and remain in the hunt for the Division Title, but you hold serve at home. Duke needs to turn Wallace Wade into a real advantage. Even in their 10 win season last year, they lost 2 games at home. When Virginia Tech visits Duke on November 15, 2014, I still expect Duke to be very much in the Division race.

Virginia Tech is still quite a dangerous team, that if Duke’s wants to repeat as Coastal Champion can’t afford to lose, especially with another likely Coastal contender, North Carolina coming to Duke the week after.

Georgia Tech – Miami, October 4, 2014

Georgia is the bigger game, and the bigger rival, but winning in Athens while not impossible won’t make or break Georgia Tech’s season. They have only beat Georgia once since 2000. Before beating a team the caliber of Georgia, the Jackets have to start beating some of their ACC rivals. Miami has beat Georgia Tech 5 straight times. Georgia Tech will have just played at Virginia Tech, where they haven’t won since since 2006.

The Jackets haven’t beat Virginia Tech since 2009, so winning in Blacksburg, doesn’t seem all that likely. Should Miami beat Georgia Tech, following what I think will be a loss to Virgina Tech, the Jackets Coastal Division hopes will be on life support 1 week into October. No ACC team has played the triple option better than Miami.

Miami – Duke, September 27, 2014

Miami has a brutal schedule. With a game at Louisville to open the season, and Florida State later in the year, it’s almost a must that Miami win all of their Coastal Division gamea. The first one is defending Coastal Division champions Duke, and that after a rough road trip to Nebraska. I don’t see how Miami can win the Coastal Division without beating Duke. In fact with a game at Georgia Tech the Hurricanes have a chance to get on a bit of roll. They’ve had a lot of success in recent years against the Jackets.

North Carolina – Georgia Tech, October 18, 2014

Georgia Tech has beat North Carolina 13 of the last 15 years, 5 in a row, and 8 of the last 9 years. Given the talent the last few years at UNC, this streak is kind of hard to explain, but if it goes another year, then UNC will again be on the outside looking in of the Coastal Division.

This game is in Chapel Hill and with road ACC games with Clemson, Miami, and Duke, the Tar Heels can’t lose this home game.

Pittsburgh – @Boston College, September 5, 2014

I’m putting this early season game up this high for Pittsburgh, because I think a win here could really build some momentum for Pittsburgh’s season. Should Pittsburgh win this game while breaking in a new QB, they could very well start the season 5-1 or 6-0. Look at this early season schedule. Delaware, @BC, @FIU, Iowa, Akron, @Virginia.

It all starts with Boston College though. Win that game, then have a chance at an upset of Iowa, and I guarantee people around the country will have an eye on Pittsburgh.

Virginia – Pittsburgh, October 4, 2014

I don’t like how a rebuilding program has scheduled Oregon in 2013, and now UCLA in 2014 with a road a game at BYU as well. The Cavaliers have overscheduled in the non-conference which makes their conference games all the more important.

I don’t see Virginia contending in the Coastal, but there are a couple of games that should the Hoos want to make it to a bowl game they need. One is the home game with Pittsburgh. Following a rough August/September with those games with UCLA, BYU, and Louisville too, Virginia needs to win this game. If not, slowly turnout the lights for Mike London’s tenure.

Virginia Tech – Miami, October 23, 2014

Virginia Tech’s game with Ohio State will be big, and the Hokies could use a respectable performance in that one, but I don’t think many expect Virginia Tech to win that game. The game with Miami will set Virginia Tech up for the possibility to a strong finish in November.

They should be favored over BC, Wake Forest and Virginia. At Duke following BC will be a huge game, but before the the Hokies get there they need that win over Miami.

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