Articles from around the ACC Blogosphere June 30, 2014.

Louisville v Purdue

Less than 2 months until the College Football season starts yea! In the meantime there’s plenty of news to go around. What do the ACC bloggers have for us?

Let’s start with Louisville. Tuesday they will be official members of the ACC. Louisville blog CardChronicle says it’s time to meed the Cardinals.

We go from the excitement of Louisville to some news that is going to met with collective “ugh” in Chapel Hill. TarHeelBlog had to report that the NCAA is re-opening their probe into the academic scandal at UNC. There are a couple of ways this can go down, either UNC will get flat hammered, or little to nothing will happen. There will be no in between. In my opinion unless it comes out coaches were complicit in the scandal, then I don’t think much will happen. Here’s why… UNC has overhauled their academic programs, and several administrators involved with the original scandal are now gone. If I am a UNC fan, I’m still definitely a little concerned, because you just never know how these things will turn out… again.

Did Paul Johnson start figuring out this recruiting thing? Georgia Tech had 9 commitments in the month of June. Many of the commits has solid offer sheets as well. Georgia Tech blog FromtheRumbleSeat looks at Georgia Tech’s solid recruiting month of June.   Rivals currently has Georgia Tech with a top 35 class. That won’t scare Alabama, but considering that’s still a positive recruiting start for the Jackets.

Syracuse blog NunesMagician is doing some ACC position rankings. They are looking at quarterback first.   It looks pretty similar to my ACC QB rankings.

We can’t forget about basketball. Boston College blog SoaringtoGlory has Q&A with new BC Head Coach Jim Christian.

ACCPerscription has put together the non-conference schedule for the ACC Basketball teams.  Oh boy is basketball season going to be fun in the ACC next year.

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