Here are some bizarre streaks in college sports


Wednesday night continued one of the most bizarre streaks in college sports. When Vanderbilt defeated Virginia in Game 3 of their series, the ACC’s streak of 59 straight years without a NCAA baseball title continued. Frankly this is an astonishing streak, considering the quality of baseball played in the ACC.

That would be more than 40 ACC teams that have made the CWS since 1955 and home without the title. Several of those years the ACC was considered to have the best team in country, including this year. Virginia made a great run, they are a super team, but the infamous streak continues. The ACC is not alone though, there are other teams and conferences with streaks that are hard to explain.

Big 10 without a national title in a revenue sport (Football, Men’s Women’s Basketball, Baseball) for 12 straight years.

You have to go back to 2002 when the Ohio State Buckeyes won the College Football National Championship for the last time a Big 10 Schools won a National Title in a revenue producing sport. While the Big 10 has never been a  strong baseball conference,  a conference with the football programs like Ohio State and Michigan, and was probably the country’s best basketball conference the last 3 or 4 years continues to come up empty again and again. The Big 10 is financially on top of collegiate athletics, but on the field it’s a big 0-48 since 2002 in the Big 4 Sports.

Georgia Bulldogs without a Football National Title for 34 straight years.

7 schools within a 8 hour drive of Athens, Georgia have won a national a title since the Bulldogs last one in 1980. This is mind boggling. Clemson – 1981, Georgia Tech – 1990, Alabama – 1992, 2009, 2011, 2012, Auburn – 2010, Florida State – 1993, 1999, 2013, Florida – 1996, 2006, 2008, Tennessee – 1998.

That’s 14 National Titles from surrounding schools of Georgia. How is it possible that a SEC school with the resources available at Georgia and the ability to pull in top 10 classes on a consistent basis can’t have hit lightening in a bottle at least once in the last 3 decades.  Georgia didn’t even appear once in a BCS Title game.

Clemson basketball’s 0-57 record at North Carolina

This basketball series started in 1926, and 88 years later, the Clemson Tigers are still looking for their win in Chapel Hill. Now in most years, North Carolina has just been better, but you’d think just once the stars would align, and Clemson would find a way to win there.

The Big 12 not named Kansas without an outright regular season conference basketball title for 10 straight years 

Kansas has been the dominant basketball program in the Big 12 for years, but do you realize how dominant? No one in the Big 12 has been able to a win an outright regular season conference title since 2004 when Oklahoma St. pulled the trick. Not even Florida State football when they lorded over the ACC in the 1990s had a streak that long.

They won 9 straight outright ACC Titles. The Big 12 has had some good teams in that period too, from Texas, Oklahoma St, Kansas St. and Missouri before they left the Big 12, but it’s been all Kansas in the Big 12.

Anyone got some other bizarre streaks to add?

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