The ACC trails the other Power 5 conferences in this significant statistic.


It’s apparent the ACC  has some work to do to in this particular category. They trail the other Power 5 conference by a large margin. What is it you ask? Is it that revenue thing again? Nope. It’s in national titles the last few years right? Nope.

Well what is it then?

Ok I pulled this from the site ACC Prescription. The ACC needs to get moving if they want to catch up with the other Power 5 conferences in College Football Player Arrests in the past year. Since May 1, 2013 the ACC has had 11 player arrests.

The SEC had a whopping 68 player arrests, which was more than the next 3 conferences behind them. If the ACC wants to be known as a football they are going need to get that arrest count up.

Seriously draw you own conclusions on that one…

By the way congratulations to the Virginia Cavaliers who are now one win away from the CWS Championship. Best of luck to the Hoos.

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