Is the ACC headed towards a NCAA College Baseball Tournament disaster?


It’s been 59 years since the ACC has a won a CWS Title. At the rate the NCAA College Baseball Tournament is going, we’re getting close to going ahead and just penciling that in to be 60 years and counting. I have to call this one like I see it. The opening 2 days of the tournament have been a total disaster for the conference. At one point as I watching today, Clemson, UNC, Georgia Tech, and Florida State had been outscored by a ridiculous run total of 45 to 4.

Let’s start with #5 National Seed Florida State. They were the conference’s biggest flameout. Playing at home and in my estimation one of the easier brackets, went 17 innings before scoring a single run.

I know some will sugar coat things and say it was still great season. Let’s not kid ourselves, the Seminoles played terribly in their two games. The bats were silent, the pitching was inconsistent at best, and the fielding wasn’t great either. Mike Martin’s has over 1700 wins at Florida State, but this was probably one his most disappointing NCAA tournaments ever.

Clemson isn’t yet eliminated but after losing to Oregon 18-1, it seems very unlikely that can muster up enough to get out of their region. Jack Leggett hasn’t got the Clemson program out of a regional since 2010. The program is in clear decline.

ACC tournament Champion Georgia Tech lost 8-0 to Washington, and North Carolina went down 6-1 to Long Beach St. Miami and Maryland struggled to win 1 run games themselves to open the tournament. Only Virginia like in the basketball tournament has looked strong opening the tournament.

There’s still time salvage something, but the early returns are not promising.

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