The ACC athletic’s program with the most conference titles in the past decade is…


An interesting article that comes from the dean of ACC journalists David Teel of the Daily Press. Teel looks back on the past decade since the ACC started first expansion moves in 2003-2004. Which ACC athletics program has the most conference titles? I think most would assume Florida State, but even with 44 conference titles in the last decade they are second to Virginia’s 51.

The Seminoles though had 8 conference championships this year, to the Hoos 5, so they starting to gain some ground.

There were a couple of interesting notes. Clemson, N.C. State and Miami combined for only 28 ACC Titles. These schools have some athletic history, but aren’t close to FSU’s and Virginia’s totals. That said these numbers shouldn’t be the only criteria for determining athletic success. We aren’t including notable achievements like BCS games, NCAA Tournament appearances, or College World Series appearances, but I am still a little surprised at those numbers.

Boston College? Hello 1 conference title in 9 years? Syracuse tied number and Notre Dame exceeded that in their first years in the conference.

I do agree with Teel when he says…

“# Given the number and depth of conference championships, plus the ACC’s desperately needed national football title, Florida State has been the league’s flagship the last 10 years.”

The Seminoles are the top athletics program in the ACC, and even though Virginia leads in conference titles, it is the Seminoles success in the revenue producing sports that gives them the edge. FSU fields an elite football team, a competitive basketball program, and a top 15 quality baseball team.

Should Virginia’s basketball program continue to rise, and football becomes respectable, they could yet challenge Florida State’s top spot. As we pointed out the other day, Duke has a red-hot athletics program, so it should be no shock they come in a solid 3rd on this list.

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