Combined ACC Football and Basketball Coaches Hotseat Rankings.


You’ve always seen coaching hotseat rankings for football or basketball, but how often have you seen them combined? I was thinking which school might have to be doing a double duty, in the near future if you know what I mean.

This will be our ranking systems.

5 – Firing Imminent barring a miracle

4 – Fans are restless better have a really strong season or show lots of improvement

3 – Safe this year, but it can go either way. Hotseat or Feeling good entering  2015.

2 – Coach can feel good, needs to keep the good feelings going.

1 – Nothing to worry about, just not quite elite status

0 – As safe as possible

Judging by these rankings, the Georgia Tech AD Mike Bobinksi may want to set aside some cash in the next year or two.

Basketball Brian Gregory coach has a major uphill battle to be competitive in this new look ACC, especially with the recent transfer of Robert Carter Jr.

That ACC Title and win over Georgia seems like a lifetime ago for Paul Johnson. I would not a recommend a non-bowl season for Johnson.

[ultimatetables 1 /]

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