ACC ready to play itself out of conference… right, got it.


Each day of the ACC meetings, the ACC makes another significant announcement. First it was the 8 game conference schedule, then there was the move of the ACC Basketball tournament to a Tuesday-Saturday format, then Wednesday the conference said ACC teams could potentially play each other as non-conference games.  

I’m really indifferent to this decision. On the one hand baseball already has done this with a pretty good level of success.  Florida State and UNC played last year as a non conference baseball game. It’s not without precedent. On the other hand this simply seems unnecessary.

Yes I understand some conference matchups like Duke vs North Carolina St. are slated to play once in 11 years, should be played more often. You could have kept the 8 game conference schedule, which I am in favor of, and simply reduce the number of number of times you played your cross-over partner to twice in a four year period.

Under that format you’d play every other ACC team, at least once in a four year period. If the NCAA lets the ACC go with their 2 best ACC teams in the title game, you can go divisionless. I think there were some alternatives the ACC could have went with. I’m ok with this move, it just seems like Friday night college football. I’ll watch it, it’s better than not having it, but it still doesn’t seem right.

With one more day left at the ACC meetings, do you think there might be some hints about an ACC Network? We’ll find out tomorrow.

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