ACC moves ACC basketball tournament days, in a good move. The new logo? Not so good.


More news coming out of the ACC meetings. The ACC basketball tournament has moved their schedule to a Tuesday – Saturday Format.  I was fairly indifferent when the first rumors of this were brought up some weeks ago, but I think it’s a good move.

This puts the ACC tournament semi-finals on a Friday prime time slot, and a now there is a showcase Saturday night game. Yes I grew up on trying to find a way home from school to watch the games on Friday, but this is better when you look at the totality of it.

The ACC Champion will no longer have to share Sunday with the SEC title game, Big 10 title game, and the NCAA selection show. One of the ways the Big East became a great basketball conference is because you knew Saturday night the championship game was going to be covered non-stop. It’s also easier for teams to get a day of rest as well before the NCAA tournament.

What’s not so good? The ACC’s new logo. I really hope this is not serious, and what we saw on twitter today was just normal internet fodder. I don’t like it. It looks too much like the Conference USA and Big East logos. There’s no distinction to it. I don’t think it represents the new ACC very well. Doesn’t it look awfully similar to the logos below? Go back to the drawing board on this one ACC if this is the planned design.




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  1. Hokie Mark says:

    Please, PLEASE let this logo be a joke!

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