A 2015 NFL Mock Draft – ACC tied for lead with most 1st round picks, and not with the SEC.


The 2014 NFL draft just ended with 42 ACC players selected.  We discussed how this year’s draft meant for each of the Power 5 conferences. Already though there are mock drafts for the 2015.

CBSSportsline just released their mock draft for 2015.  There are couple of interesting notes, and it continues the trends we saw this year. The SEC has 6 projected first round picks. The ACC has 8. 5 of those ACC picks come from Florida State. Has Jimbo Fisher recruited well or what? Now that Louisville counts as well 1 first round picks comes from Cardinals.

The Big 10 gets rebounds 8 with first round picks, plus their first top 10 picks since 2008. That would be a much needed needed shot in the arm for the maligned football conference.

The Pac 12 has 7 first round picks, with 3 of the first 4 picks. That’s impressive, and illustrates how quietly the Pac 12 has made itself from top to bottom the conference that is closest to catching the SEC.

Could the SEC really end up 4th with first round picks? The powerful football conference still leads the way and by a sizable margin, but cracks are starting to show. 0-2 this year in BCS games, 1-3 the last 2 years and the end of the BCS Title streak. The ACC nearly caught the SEC in total number of picks this year. At some point this summer I may have to write a full blog post detailing if the SEC’s reign of football supremacy is coming to an end. Of course, the SEC will still be strong, but the days of complete football domination?

Like I said cracks may be showing…

We’ll see if this draft prediction holds up through the course of the year.

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