The NFL draft and how the ACC compares to the rest of the country.


Podcast partner and site contributor @HokieSmash sent some links to me today, that I found pretty interesting especially with the NFL draft around the corner.

ACC in the NFL Draft page


This site will be ACC’s page  for complete coverage of the NFL with an ACC perspective.

2014 ACC in NFL Draft Notes


Some pretty impressive stuff, for the ACC that was maligned as a football conference prior to the last 2 years. By several different NFL draft criteria the ACC was consistently the conference that finished 2nd to without saying in the piece to the SEC. This was all done with the ACC as a 12 team league, so it wasn’t just the quantity of teams.

ACC in the NFL Draft Notes


I liked this write up, because you get a side by side conference comparison. As recently as 2011 the ACC finished only 3 draft picks behind SEC in total number of draft picks. You also get to see the top NFL pick of each ACC team in their history among several historical notes.

List of ACC in the NFL Draft


Are you interested in seeing every NFL draft pick for your favorite particular ACC team since 1937? This link has that.

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