ACC brand takes over the country of Panama… literally.


In the never ending college athletics market share arms race, the ACC may have made the boldest move yet. The battle for New York City between the ACC and Big 10, child’s play. The Pac 12 contemplating playing games in Asia, not bad, but a far cry from the ACC’s move. Notre Dame playing in Ireland was cute. The SEC moving west with Texas A&M and Missouri in recent years? Sure pick up a couple of more schools, been there done that.

I can only describe the ACC’s move as shocking, brilliant, dare I say landscape changing? Only the Big 10 Network, and the SEC Championship Game could be held as close to comparable. Well actually no… Those pale in comparison. The ACC brand has taken over the country of Panama… literally.

In Panama’s recent presidental election Jaun Carlos Varela, a Georgia Tech graduate, became the new president of Panama. Let’s provide a little history lesson what the position of president can do.

Maryland president Wallace Loh, a Michigan graduate, set the wheels in motion for the Terrapins to join the Big 10, but no one ever considered what the president of a country could, until now.

Consider the possibilities. Panama is a country with a modest population of 3.6 Million, but as they elected a Georgia Tech graduate, consider that 3.6 Million future ACC Network subscribers. From there it’s a logical move to the rest of Latin America. As a child I lived in Panama for two years. Yes I was an Army brat. I’m familiar with the demographics of Panama.

It will take some time for the ACC brand to take hold there, but there are inroads to be made. Baseball is very popular in Panama. The ACC is considered one of the strongest baseball conferences in the country. I’m sure you all know who Mariano Rivera is. He’s from Panama and he played for the New York Yankees. That’s another location the ACC is trying to get a foothold in. How could Jim Delany be asleep at the wheel on on this one?

New York City -> Mariano Rivera -> Panama -> President of Panama, Georgia Tech Graduate -> ACC

It’s brilliant in it’s simplicity. Basketball is also quite popular. Hello the ACC and basketball, need I say more?

Panama is also a retirement destination for many Americans. Those Americans will want to watch ACC Sports. The president of Panama will want to watch his beloved Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets and his ACC sports.

Where were you Mike Slive? You can have College Station, Texas. The ACC is taking over the world one country at a time. They don’t call him Ninja Swofford for nothing.


  1. Hokie Mark says:

    It might be a good time to lay off the sauce a little…

    1. Jfann says:

      Are you saying this is too much of a reach? All in good fun on this one….

      1. Hokie Mark says:

        Kinda figured you were just kidding around. I’ve seen some wild ideas on this blog, but nothing THAT wild!

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