ACC/Big 10 Challenge Matchups Announced : What to look forward to…


One of the best pre-conference college basketball events is back for it’s 16th season. It’s the ACC/Big 10 Challenge, and it just got bigger. The ACC gets the services of Louisville, and the Big 10 gets former ACC member Maryland and Rutgers.

You can find all the matchups at the ACC’s Official Page.  Which games should we be looking forward to the most?

Duke at Wisconsin

This is a great early season matchup. The Badgers are coming off a Final 4, and Duke is on the short list of national title contenders. We’ll know early if the Blue Devils are legit.

Virginia at Maryland

The should be quite an atmosphere in College Park. The Terrapins are now the enemy, and Virginia is the defending ACC Champion.

Iowa at North Carolina

It’s not quite one of the marquee Big 10 teams, but Iowa is usually decent. This is more about North Carolina though. I really want to see if the Heels are ready to turn the corner from being pretty good, to being a Final 4 type team

Ohio State at Louisville

Glad to have you in the ACC Louisville! It’s your first ACC/Big 10 challenge, that in itself makes this one a game to look forward too.

Syracuse at Michigan

Two teams that lost a good bit of personal this year. This could be a stepping stone game for the winner.

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  1. Hokie Mark says:

    I look forward to ACC domination. Don’t be surprised if the ACC not only wins the Challenge, but by a large margin.

  2. Jfann says:

    The ACC will return to being the nation’s best basketball conference next year.

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