Winston made a mistake, but he needs to stop making them!

jameis winstonBy all means we all make mistakes, no one is perfect. And if I was to remember back when I was in college, making mistakes almost sounded like a class I took, and passed quite well. Having said all of that, most people are not a year away from making more money than they will ever know. In other words, most people are not, nor will ever be, Jameis Winston.

So, when I read things like the FSU double sport star being given a misdemeanor citation for shoplifting crab legs from a Publix Supermarket, I just have to shake my head and ask “why?”

If you could take a picture about someone who has everything in front of him, taking one of the Heismann Winner would not be a bad place to start. Having won a national title as the QB for the Seminoles, the young man is but one season before finding himself in the NFL Draft and fulfilling a dream that could lead to millions upon millions of dollars.

And to smear it for… $32? I just do not understand that one bit. Nor do I believe the gunslinger stating to the police that he forgot to pay for the food. Sorry, not buying it, just like he did not buy the legs at the store!

Of course this is not the only time that Winston’s name has been involved with the law. Last year the young man had been investigated for allegedly raping a student last year, but was never charged with a crime after officials determined there was not enough evidence. For a whole 32 dollars now all of this will once again come to light. As I said before… I have to ask myself “why”. Cause for the life of me, I do not understand it.

In the end, you have to wonder, was this a one-time incident, or has the FSU QB been doing things like this repeatedly and this is just the first time being caught. Either way, he needs to stop this, focus on his future, cause if makes more mistakes he might just destroy all that he has worked for.

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