The debate rages 8 or 9 ACC conference games.


David Teel one of the most respected writers that covers the ACC says the decision for the number of ACC conference games is coming soon.  It’s worth a read. At the end of the piece, Teel tells us why this decision is so important and why it must be made soon…

“an ACC channel likely within three years, the league needs to settle this issue quickly.”

That’s more positive news for those that want an ACC Channel. Should the ESPN want 9 conference games to start a channel, then the decision is clear, 9 games. If that is not the case, then as I said last June, the ACC is not ready for a 9 game schedule.    My reasons are still the same as then. Possibly even more so now than then. Clemson’s non-conference win over Georgia early last season gave them the instant credibility, that made their later game with Florida State one of the most anticipated of the year.

Florida State’s win at Death Valley helped propel them toward the National Title. In addition the Seminoles also defeated a Miami team, that had defeated the Florida Gators earlier in the season. That the Gators went on to their worst season in over 30 years is immaterial. The Hurricanes boosted by that win were in the top 10 when FSU played them.

The flexibility of schedule has allowed FSU to open this season in a high profile with Oklahoma State. The ACC needs continue to have this kind of flexibility as it favors the conferences better football teams. Maybe one day the ACC can move to a 9 game conference, but especially with Notre Dame playing 5 ACC teams a year, now is not the time. As I said, unless ESPN makes it a priority for a channel.

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  1. Hokie Mark says:

    Well, the SEC has decided – it’s 8 games for them, but with the requirement that every team must schedule at least 1 P5 non-conference game:


    This not only allows the ACC to stay at 8, IMO it pushes the ACC to stay there.

    1. Jfann says:

      I agree… If ESPN doesn’t clamor for 9 games, I don’t see why the ACC would change. The SOS can only hurt you, it’s not like the NCAA basketball tournament. The SEC knows this, so why should ALabama play South Carolina when opponents like Purdue and Colorado will fit the requirement, plus the FCS schools they love to play.

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