Highlights from the ACC’s release of their Men’s Basketball Conference Matchups for 2015-2016.


Today the ACC released their conference matchups for 2015 and 2016. You can view the release at the ACC’s Site  and the PDF layout here. If you are an ACC basketball fan this looks very exciting.

There are the traditional heavyweight matchups between Duke and UNC. Then you have the old and new ACC member matchups. Already we saw the Duke\Syracuse games earn some of the highest ratings in college basketball this year. 

We’ll see that matchup again, obviously. I’m looking forward to the Louisville\UNC games. An under the radar matchup that I think could develop into quite a nice rivalry is Virginia\Louisville. They are permanent partners. With Tony Bennett at the helm, the future is bright is for Cavalier basketball.

Lastly, we will get some rivalries back that we got to know in the Big East. Syracuse\Pitt already played this year, but Louisville had some great games against those foes. Really the conference layout basketball has it all. Plenty of traditional ACC matchups, minus Maryland.

Sorry Terps you are missing out on the all fun, but I’m sure those games against Nebraska, Iowa, Penn State and new rival Rutgers will be capture your fans imagination too.

You’ll have new rivalries developing, and then as I said you’ll have some of the best of Big East matchups of the last few years. It’s as good as conference basketball has looked for the ACC in many years.

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