The ABC’s of the ACC (04/12/14)

ACC LogoThis morning, at 10:00 a.m. EST, through CLNSRadio will air the new podcast called the “ABC’s of the ACC”, a show that will dive deep into the sports in the Atlantic Coast Conference. While the main focus will be on the two main sports… football and men’s basketall, but all sports will be covered during the podcast. Speaking about the present, the future (recruits) and the past (former players now in the Pro’s). Of course the podcast can also be heard at BlogTalkRadio

In this trial run there will be no guests, as I will take the hour to speak about what the conference is going through when it comes to men’s basketball. Is the ACC, after having six teams in the tournament, on an upswing or not? With Louisville coming in next season will the conference become the power house it once was? What will the three new head coaches in the ACC be able to do for their programs? And finally, with UConn having won the NCAAT this past week, should the Atlantic Coast Conference seek them out in the future if they were to add another program or two.

As you begin your weekend come check out the “ABC’s of the ACC” podcast talking about your favorite conference and/or program. And if you would like to chime in, please do so at (347) 215-7771.

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