Predicting The Top NBA Draft Picks


This is a guest post by Ron Leyba – @NBAFantasyInfo on Twitter as he takes a look at who could be some of the NBA’s top draft picks this year. Thanks to Ron for contributing! We’ll see if Jabari Parker turns pro. He seems to be going back and forth on that decision.

The NBA world has been discussing the upcoming 2014 NBA draft through the entire season. Although the 2013 – 2014 season still hasn’t reached its end and although the 2014 NBA playoffs are projected to be fascinating, the NBA draft is drawing tons of interest, too. And that should be no surprise. After all, a bunch of potential superstars will enter the league next summer. It’s still unclear which of the top prospects will end up getting picked at the No.1 spot and the race will most probably include several changes till the last days prior to the draft night. Let’s examine some of the top prospects which will enter the league this summer.

Joel Embiid

Several people around the league believe that Embiid will be the top overall draft pick this summer and they have a good reason to believe so. The Kansas product radically improved his performance through the season and his 7-foot body frame is a rarity in the NBA. Embiid combines size with athleticism and a wide range of skills to form arguably the most complete package for the upcoming draft. He is considered as the player with the best long-term value of his class.

Jabari Parker

Parker is considered as the most mature prospect of the upcoming draft. Although Embiid and Andrew Wiggins are much more athletic, Parker stands lots of chances to make it to the top of the draft because he could instantly change the course of the franchise that will select him. The 6’8” Duke forward has a variety of skills and he could instantly emerge as the leader of the team that will pick him.

Andrew Wiggins

One of the most athletically gifted players that has entered the league through the draft during the last decade will be Andrew Wiggins. He has unlimited potential and some draft analysts don’t hesitate to compare him to LeBron James. During the season, he struggled a bit at the beginning only to finish strong during the second half. He is a 6’8” forward out of Kansas and was considered a lock for the No.1 spot before Embiid started to emerge.

Marcus Smart

The 6’4” Oklahoma State product Marcus Smart could have entered the NBA last year, but he had the maturity to decide to stay in college for one more year. Most probably he would have been a top 3 pick in 2013 and now, due to the high level of competiveness, he is considered a lock for the top 5. Look for Smart to emerge as a leader for the team that selects him. He is one of the most NBA-ready players of his class.

Dante Exum

We include Dante Exum in our list of top 2014 draft prospects not because he is a lock for the top 5 spots but because he is one of the most risky options. Of course, with every high risk comes a big room for a high reward and that’s exactly what Dante Exum is all about. He is unproven but at the age of 18, he could be developed and end up being a franchise player. So pay attention to the position he’ll end up this summer but also to his course after he enters the league.

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