Podcast – @HokieSmash and @TalkinACCSports talk BC hire, ACC Basketball, and ACC Spring Football with @SoaringToGlory


My podcast co-host @HokieSmash and I @TalkinACCSports had plenty of ground to cover this week in the ACC. Boston College just made a new coaching hire, and Boston College blogger @SoaringtoGlory joined us on the podcast to discuss it. We appreciate @SoaringtoGlory coming on such short notice.

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In this order, these are topics  covered on this podcast with  @SoaringtoGlory.

This Sunday at 7:30 we’ll have a special Frozen Four podcast with @SoaringtoGlory and @WillsWorldMN. Stay tuned for that for you hockey fans out there. 

 Thoughts on the ACC’s performance in the NCAA tournament.

What does the ACC need to do to improve it’s performance in the Big Dance? 

Discussion of Wake Forest’s coaching vacancy.

@SoaringtoGlory gives a candid reaction to the Boston College coaching hire.

Questions heading into Spring Practice in the ACC

Who will win the NCAA Tournament.

Final Thoughts

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