Document details NCAA Rules the Power 5 Conference would like amended or changed.

Dwayne Allen, Jayron Hosley

Short post for tonight, but here’s something interesting from CBSSportsLine. It is a document detailing NCAA rules the Power 5 conferences would like to see changed or amended.   When I read this, I thought these actually seem like reasonable requests. I would recommend taking a look at the proposals. It’s a good read.

I don’t want to see college athletics becomes semi-pro leagues. I would still like to see some semblance of student-athlete remain. Yes in particular football and to lesser extent basketball generates millions upon million of dollars, but even in these sports the majority of the athletes are there to get an education. Most will never see the light of day at the professional level.

I’m a little hesitant on relaxing rules about on agents. There are just too many unscrupulous characters acting as “agents”. In fact I’d probably make those rules more stringent than less.

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