Don’t do it Rose…

USBBI love the Olympics, or any other time that the USA is playing. From the soccer team in the World Cup to the basketball teams regaining its rightful spot as the best team in the world, if there is a game with the national squad I am usually watching. I applaud all the pro players that decide to play for their country and not just for the millions they make.

But there has to be a limit, and I found it reading Probasketballtalk (NBC Sports). In an article about Derrick Rose coming back this season, his head coach said “no”, which makes sense. Then the coach went on to speak how the adjustment period the first time the point guard came back made for some losses that could have been avoided, and if this happened in the playoffs it could mean an early exit for the Chicago Bulls. This too a logical thought.

But then I read this…

Rose will be back in a Bulls uniform next fall. He could even play for Team USA this summer in Spain at the World Cup.

…say what?

While I have always wanted franchises to let their superstars play for the national team, in this instance I have to say… “I hope that Chicago puts its foot down and nixes this quickly”. I am sorry, but after missing the better part of two years wanting to then play for the national team just makes no sense. None whatsoever. Actually it feels like a slap to his team mates, who have had to carry the load. Injuries are part of the game, and anyone that plays for the US squads knows this, but for someone who has not contributed to his own team for a pair of seasons this should not be the time to want to be part of the national team.

In other words… the team does not need Derrick Rose, and in reality he does not it as well! What he needs is to get back into top form and see if him being healthy can bring in some more high caliber free agents. I do not know if Rose would get another chance to play on this team if he did not do it this summer, but that does not really matter right now. He is the exception to the rule in my opinion, where you have to put yourself (and your franchise) before the national team.

I hope that I get to see the Bulls’ point guard have a great season next year… in the NBA. And I hope that calmer heads prevail and that Rose stays state side while the team plays in Spain this summer. Cause while nothing might happen to him, if he was to get hurt, he would go from one of the favorites that squad has had to one of the most hated. And that no one wants!

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