The ACC in the NBA: Boston College…

Boston CollegeAs the NBA keeps moving forward and heads towards the post season I thought I look at all the players from the Atlantic Coast Conference that are playing there and their chances of going on to the second season. To be fair to all the teams I am going through all the programs in alphabetical order. In all the Boston College Eagles just havea pair of players in the National Basketball Association. However both of those are on franchises that will see the post season this season. And both are in the Western Conference. Let’s see who the pair players is and whom they play for…

One is small forward Jared Dudley, 6’7″/225 lbs, who has been in the Association for six years, averaging 7.2 ppg, 1.5 apg and 2.2 rpg in that time frame. Dudley was drafted in the 2007 draft, going 22nd overall bye the Charlotte franchise. The 28 year old is now playing for the Los Angeles Clippers, his third team in the NBA, after having played for Charlotte and Phoenix.

With his team being first in his conference and third overall in the Western Conference, there is no doubt that Dudley’s franchise will see the post season. With the talent that the Clippers have, as well as their new head coach, their path in the playoffs could be a long one as well.

At ESPN there is a playoff odd page. There they have the Clippers with the following odds:

Making PO: 100%
Being No. 1: 3.9%
Making Finals: 29.6% (2nd highest in NBA)
Winning it All: 22.5% (highest in NBA)

The second former Eagle now at the next level is Reggie Jackson, who has just two seasons under his belt, and playing in his third. In that time the 6’3″/208 point guard averages 13.1 ppg, 4.0 apg and 3.8 rpg. Jackson came to the Association during the 2011 draft, where with the 24th pick the Oklahoma City Thunder, the team who he is still with, took him.

The Thunder are first in their division and second in the Western Conference. With the talent they have the team could easily be the team challenting the East for the NBA Finals.

At ESPN there is a playoff odd page. There they have the Clippers with the following odds:

Making PO: 100%
Being No. 1: 15.4%
Making Finals: 9.1%
Winning it All: 5.8%

This is the first of the programs from the ACC that have players at the next level on the hardwoods. I will go through each of them as the NBA playoffs come closer and closer. Next up will be Clemson.

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