Number 1 seed Virginia has plenty of bulletin board material.


For team ranked #3, winners of the ACC regular season and ACC tournament, Virginia is one disrespected team. I mean really disrespected. Tony Bennett should have no issues motivating his team, because the Hoos are a heavy underdog in their own region.

The experts from CBSSportsline? Not a single one picked Virginia to make the Final 4, and just 1 picked Virginia to reach Elite 8.  1 even had Virginia losing in the 2nd round.

This is one of the best defensive teams in country, with a savvy PG in freshman London Perrantes, and a nice mix of freshman/sophomore talent to go along with solid upperclassmen.

Was ESPN any better? Nope… You can look about halfway down the page, and not one of their 5 experts picked Virginia to make the Final 4.  

Finally the third sports website I went to CNNSI.com, there was finally somebody that picked Virginia to reach the Final 4. 

20 members of the national media, and just 1 that had Virginia reach the Final Four.

Look I like Michigan St. too. A healthy Spartan team can win the national title, but dismiss Virginia at your own risk. This is a balanced team without a glaring weakness. The misconception running around is that Virginia is an offensively challenged. This is not true. They can score from every position on the floor, and just because their identity is defense, good luck having to defend all 5 positions against them.

The can shoot threes, and are big enough to hold their own on the boards. The true knock on Virginia may be they are not a deep team, but are they worthy number 1 seed? Yes. Can they reach the Final 4? Yes, but don’t ask national media types because they aren’t giving the Cavaliers a chance.

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  1. ChathamHoo says:

    UVA isn’t a deep team? I feel pretty confident in their depth. Justin Anderson was the ACC’s top 6th man, Anthony Gill scored double figures in all three ACCT games, Darion Atkins is an energetic, springy post defender with a surprising offensive game, and Evan Nolte is a stretch 4 who can guard some 3’s depending on the mathcup. The only weakness would be if Perrantes and Brogdon both got in foul trouble and UVA had to play Teven Jones at point. He can get the job done but most UVA fans wouldn’t prefer to see him need to play it much, but then what team does want to see their third string PG playing with the season on the line?

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