ACC Treated Well by NCAA committee…


Just returned from the ACC Tournament, so this will be a short post. Congratulations to the Virginia Cavaliers on a great tournament. They were the ACC’s best team all year, and they were the ACC’s best team this weekend. They were a deserving champion. Cavalier fans really showed up today, and it kept Duke from having an overwhelming homecourt advantage even though the game was held in Greensboro, NC.

The other thing I learned this weekend, is people love dancing mascots. It is pretty awesome after all…

Monday @Hokiesmash and I will preview the NCAA and NIT tournaments. Tonight I just have a few quick thoughts. For one the ACC got treated pretty well by the committee.

Virginia earned a 1 seed. As I said yesterday, if Michigan lost they’d have a great shot at it.

Syracuse is 3 seed and opens it’s tournament in nearby Buffalo. Duke is a 3 seed and will play in Raleigh.

NC State made the field, when most Bracketologists had them out. The committee got that right. Yesterday I also said, if Iowa and Tennessee were NCAA teams then why not NC State? All three made the field.

UNC got a reasonable seed at a 6 in the East.

Only Pittsburgh may have a slight gripe as 9 seed with Florida looming. I thought they would be a little higher, but overall the ACC has to be pretty pleased with how it’s teams got placed.

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