Pushing the Envelope (03/09/2014)


It is Sunday, so you know it is once again time for another episode of “Pushing the Envelope”. As I have said before the podcast will air each and every Sunday on CLNSRadio, and can also be heard by going to BlogTalkRadio starting at 10:00 a.m. EST. And if you can not catch the show live, check out ITunes to listen to it whenever you can.

PTE1What do we have in store for the listeners today? Without a doubt we will hit some of the major games in college basketball that were played yesterday, and look ahead to some of the conference tournaments. Phil Jackson to the Knicks, good or bad for both? Where should Carmelo Anthony end up? Johnny Football, will he make it in the NFL or not? Of course I will give my regular shout outs! Plus, if along the way something else comes up, I might just talk about it as well, cause we all have to remember, this is “Pushing the Envelope”, where we never sit on the fence on any discussion.

So before you settle into your Sunday routine, come listen to yours truly on another episode of the ofteni opinionated, never underated “Pushing the Envelope”, and if you want to chime in, please do, at (347) 215-7771.

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