Podcast – @HokieSmash and @TalkinACCSports talk the ACC Bubble picture and more on ACC Basketball.


@HokieSmash and I ( @TalkinACCSports ) are talking some ACC basketball tonight, and we are talking about ACC Bubbles. Who’s in Who’s out…

To download the audio file of this podcast, please go here.

In this order, these are topics  @HokieSmash and I ( @TalkinACCSports )  covered on this podcast.

A look back at Syracuse\Duke and “The Call”

How many bids does the ACC if the NCAAs were today?

Is Pittsburgh in trouble? 

What does Clemson need to do to make the NCAAs?

What does Florida State need to do to make the NCAAs?

What does NC State need to do to make the NCAAs?

Bubble Teams from around the country to watch.

Thoughts on the ACCCG remaining in Charlotte. 

Final Thoughts including Syracuse/Virginia and John Swofford’s Basketball Vision.

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