The ACC has become College Basketball’s most compelling conference.


When you the read the title of this post, notice I didn’t say the best conference. The Big 12 and Big 10 might actually be deeper, but is there a more compelling conference in the country right now than the ACC? Pat Forde of Yahoo sports says the ACC is the hottest conference going.

ESPN thought so much of the ACC that even with Gameday scheduled for Arizona at Colorado, they added a special Gameday for Syracuse and Duke. That was in addition to Thursday’s UNC\Duke game.

There was this tweet from Dick Vitale

How about this tweet from David Teel of the Daily Press?

The Orlando Sentinel’s Matt  Murschel said this.

When was the last time the ACC tournament was a truly must see event? Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been to the ACC tournament the last 4 years, and they are fun. There have been some great games, but this year it’s almost back to vintage ACC levels. It’s not quite there, the ACC is still too top heavy, but Duke, Syracuse, UNC, Virginia, Pittsburgh are 5 tournament locks and any 4 would make for an outstanding Saturday and Sunday in the ACC.

Who knows if a bubble team like Clemson, NC State or FSU can get hot?

Duke and Syracuse had another epic game Saturday. North Carolina looks like well North Carolina finally, and Virginia might be the best team of the bunch. I can’t wait…

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