Where are the students at College Football Games?


Interesting piece from ESPN about the dwindling student attendance at  college football games.  Since I live in the upstate of SC I often hear about attendance issues at Clemson regarding students on their sports radio shows.

I think this is a good time for a poll. Why are students staying away? I’m going to use myself as example, because I think students will think some of the same things. If the game I’m going to is a poor matchup, I’ll often wait until the last minute to go the stadium and leave early if there are more compelling games across the nation especially if the game I’m at is already well in hand. I don’t know I guess that makes me a bad fan, but it certainly would help if stadiums had Wifi service that let you keep with other scores.

What else can stadiums do to get students to games?

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  1. Hokie Mark says:

    IMO this roughly coincides with the money grab which is the 7 home game schedule. This model virtually guarantees 2 cupcakes per year, not counting any in-conference patsies. When really good teams come to town (e.g. Georgia @ Clemson or Notre Dame @ Pittsburgh) they draw big crowds.

    I also think many schools have become very elitist in enrollment – again, largely a money grab to get as many high-paying out-of-state/country students as possible. Those kids don’t care much about the local sports, though. JMO.

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