10 More College Football Rule changes that would make Nick Saban and Bret Bielema Happy.


This past week a 10 second wait time for defensive substitutions was proposed by the NCAA rules committee.    Two college football coaches Alabama’s Nick Saban and Arkansas’s Bret Bielema are leading the charge for rule change in the name of player safety. A multitude of coaches are vehemently opposed to this rule change.

I understand Saban’s concerned as all 3 of Alabama’s losses the last two years came against the hurry up offenses of Texas A&M, Auburn, and Oklahoma. Bret Bielema’s Razorbacks went 0-8 in the SEC last year so they are having trouble figuring out anybody’s offense. They didn’t hold one SEC team under 24 points. Never mind that Florida State did just fine against Clemson’s hurry up offense and and held Auburn to 10 second half points in the national title game. LSU also seemed to have no trouble slowing down Texas A&M the last two years.

Well I have some rule changes that I think Nick Saban and Bret Bielema would happy about you know in the name of player safety.

1) No more games against FCS opponents. Last year Alabama played Chattanooga and Samford of the FCS. It’s not fair for FBS schools to play schools with fewer scholarships, and whose lines are typically 10-20 pounds lighter than their FBS counterparts. 

2) Shorten quarters to 10 minutes. Less time, less opportunity for players to get hurt. Instead of a 60 minute game it will be 40 minutes. 

3) No more blitzing. It’s not fair to have more people rushing the line of scrimmage than the number of blockers.  

4) All teams are allowed to have 10 timeouts per half instead of 3. Just in case 10 seconds is not enough time for defensive substitutions, the additional timeouts will help. 

5) Offenses must call out run or pass before each play. This will really help defenses get the right personal into the game, and if there isn’t enough time to do that  you know what’s coming anyways. 

6) Alabama and Arkansas touchdowns count for 9 points while, hurry up offense TD’s count for 4. 

7) Offenses can’t snap the ball, until the defenses say “3…2…1 We are ready for you to snap the football!” 

8) Make the play clock 90 seconds, and have a 30 second wait time for substitutions. What’s better than a 10 second wait time, 3 times as much!!

9) Put flags on all football players. In college playing intramural football, I saw a kid break an arm and another blow out a knee, but hey it’s probably safer. 

10) If Nick Saban and Bret Bielema don’t like the offense you run they can just try and get the rules changed… oh wait… 

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