Podcast – @HokieSmash and @TalkinACCSports talk with @theACCDN host @JeffFischel about the ACC Digital Network


@HokieSmash and I ( @TalkinACCSports ) had a very special podcast on Monday evening. @theACCDN  host @JeffFischel  joined us to talk about what’s going at the ACC Digital Network. If you follow the blog, you know we’ve written about the @theACCDN in the past as it’s grown from an emerging internet venture to one of if not the biggest single source of ACC video content and coverage available anywhere.

To download the audio file of this podcast, please go here.

In this order, these are topics we covered on this podcast with @JeffFischel . He provided great insight about what the @theACCDN is currently doing and what are some things they will be looking at in the future. We got his feedback on the business aspect of the @theACCDN as well. We hope you enjoy the podcast. @HokieSmash and I ( @TalkinACCSports ) really appreciate @JeffFischel  taking some time to chat with us.

@JeffFischel tells us about himself and what he does at the @theACCDN

We learn a little bit about the history of the @theACCDN

What can we expect from the @theACCDN in the future? 

Is the @theACCDN a potential revenue generator for the @theACC

Should the ACC get a network what will @theACCDN‘s role in that be?

How have the ACC’s recent on the field success enhanced @theACCDN?

@JeffFischel‘ s favorite moments covering @theACC.

Final Thoughts from @JeffFischel

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