John Swofford sent this to ESPN Monday – A little humor…


One of my sources from inside the ACC sent this to me today. With Syracuse replacing Arizona as the Number 1 team in the country the ACC completed the rare tri-fecta of having the number 1 team in all 3 major sports.

Florida State is the #1 Football Team, Syracuse is the #1 Basketball Team, and Virginia is the #1 Baseball team.

Also if you saw the television rating for Syracuse vs Duke they were huge and I mean huge.

Obviously this is not completed document, but a rough draft straight from the desk of John Swofford. He’s apparently using this golden opportunity to continue to sell the ACC to ESPN. My sources say a final power point memo was sent to ESPN late this afternoon…. I have some screen shots of the rough draft.








Just having a little fun with things… but there are some facts in there, that I’m sure ESPN is well aware of.

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