Podcast – @HokieSmash and @TalkinACCSports talk Virginia Tech and ACC Basketball with Former Hokie Student Basketball Manager @HereGoJayAgain

2012.12.01. Oklahoma State (Cowboys) at Virginia Tech (Hokies).

@HokieSmash and I ( @TalkinACCSports ) have a very special podcast tonight, especially for Virginia Tech fans. We have @HereGoJayAgain Jerran Anderson on the show. Jerran is a Virginia Tech alum and was a former Hokie Student Basketball Manager for Seth Greenberg. @HereGoJayAgain provided tremendous insight into the struggling Virginia Tech basketball program. We also get into what’s happening currently in ACC Basketball.

I have to give credit to my partner @HokieSmash for getting @HereGoJayAgain on the show and conducting most of the interview as I managed the podcast board.

To download the audio file of this podcast, please go here.

In this order, these are topics  @HokieSmash and I ( @TalkinACCSports )  covered on this podcast with @HereGoJayAgain.

This is a must listen for those interested in Virginia Tech basketball.

@HereGoJayAgain‘s role with the basketball team under Seth Greenberg.

What @HereGoJayAgain has been up to since his time at Virginia Tech and has he made it back since? 

Grading James Johnson performance at Virginia Tech.

How many wins will Virginia Tech finish with?

Factors that will affect James Johnson’s job status next year? Factors ranging from pure wins and losses to dropping attendance.

How do traditional football schools compete in basketball the new look ACC?

Thoughts and advice for Virginia Tech Basketball Fans.

Most Impressive ACC Basketball team.

ACC Coach and Player of the year so far.

Final Thoughts

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    […] the trigger on a new hire now (the article is a must read).  You can also see @HereGoJayAgain’s take regarding Coach Johnson’s future on our ACC podcast (who advocates the opposition position).  It’s a tough decision for Walt Babcock, Virginia […]

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