The ACC Digital Network Brings More Unique Access to Fans (including Live Post Game Show)


If you’re someone interested in the ACC Network and ACC Digital Network some interesting news came out Tuesday. In this post we’ll discuss the ACCDN’s news, then in another post we’ll look at the ACC Network news.

In the blog’s sidebar is an ACCDN Widget. Because I applied for the widget, from time to time I get ACCDN news releases and what’s new there.

Take a look below at what the ACC Digital Network is working on after Wednesday’s Florida State NC State game… An individual camera on T.J Warren? Wolfpack fans should love that, and then a live post-game show on the ACC.

I’ve long maintained the ACC Digital Network is either the pre-curser to an ACC Network, or will play a significant joint role in the ACC Network. My feeling is it will be in the joint role, but a Sportscenter type live-show dedicated strictly to the ACC? I’ll have to check this out tomorrow.

It’s just another step for the ACC to increase their Digital footprint.

The ACC Digital Network Brings More Unique Access to Fans

Through new series “Inside”, Live Streaming #ISOCAM and ACC Postgame Live

Charlotte, NC – January 27, 2014:  The ACC Digital Network brought to you by Ruby Tuesday, has taken its coverage of ACC Men’s Basketball to an entirely new level of access this season.   The newest ACCDN feature series, Inside, is gaining the attention of fans, as a camera crew takes them behind the scenes into each of the ACC’s 15 member schools and reveals coach and player preparation leading up to tipoff, including head coaches mic’d up in practice, coaches meetings, team dinners and even a few trick shots by the players.

 “We’re proud to continue to work closely with the member institutions to bring ACC fans behind the scenes and inside the 15 programs that make up ACC Men’s Basketball,” said Matt Carstens VP & GM of the ACCDN.  “This new series takes the fans not only on campus, but inside the day-to-day lives of our great players and coaches during the season.  Each campus visit and the resulting content unveils the passion and pride of the ACC programs and their student athletes.”

 This Wednesday night, the ACCDN adds in-depth coverage of men’s basketball games on theACC.com through the interactive ACCDN #ISOCAM and the ACC Postgame Live show.  As part of the ACC Network’s live broadcast and streaming of the Florida State vs NC State basketball telecast on theACC.com, fans will have the option to view a camera dedicated to one particular player, coach or other element of the game as directed by @theACCDN followers.   Beginning at 9pm ET, fans can log onto theACC.com for a unique view of the game beginning with the camera isolated on NC State’s TJ Warren.   Fans are encouraged to watch, and provide any feedback, comments or camera direction by tweeting @theACCDN and using the hashtag #ISOCAM.

 Then, immediately following the game, fans can then continue the experience by tabbing over to the ACC Postgame Live video show. The half hour live streamed show, hosted by the ACC Digital Network’s Jeff Fischel and former Georgia Tech great Drew Barry, will entertain fans with highlights, in-depth analysis of the nights games, and trending topics.

 “The online sports fan wants two things – great content, and a voice.  Our team is embracing both in a variety of ways that are exclusive, compelling and truly engaging” said Andy Siegel, Executive Producer for the ACCDN.

 The ACCDN Inside Series Links:

Inside: Maryland | Mark Turgeon Mic’d Up

theACC.com link: http://bit.ly/1hrg0m2

 Inside: Miami | Jim Larrañaga Mic’d Up

theACC.com link: http://bit.ly/1ljRGsb

 Inside: Miami | Coach L Gets Hurricanes Ready for Duke

theACC.com link: http://bit.ly/1g1UPdH

 Inside: NC State | Getting Ready for Game Day

 theACC.com link: http://bit.ly/1jm2pQI

 Inside: NC State | Mark Gottfried Mic’d Up

theACC.com link: http://bit.ly/LfcfpQ

 Inside: Virginia Tech | James Johnson Mic’d Up

theACC.com link: http://bit.ly/1fqCd2r

 @theACCDN #ISOCAM and ACC Postgame Live Link:       http://theacc.co/MBB012914ACCNa


The ACC Digital Network (ACCDN) is a joint venture between Silver Chalice, a fast-growing digital sports and entertainment media firm and Raycom Sports, a long-time television producer and partner of the Atlantic Coast Conference.  The television-quality, cross-platform digital video network covers the spectrum of one of the nation’s top intercollegiate athletic conferences, featuring both live programming and original on-demand content throughout the entire year.  All ACCDN videos are viewable on theACC.com, the ACC mobile and tablet app, as well as various streaming and connected mobile and TV devices. For more information visit, www.theacc.com.

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