Richard Sherman and Jim Boeheim post-game comments this weekend : Blown out of Proportion or Classless?

NFL: St. Louis Rams at Seattle Seahawks

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know about Richard Sherman’s  post game comments after the Seattle Seahawks defeated San Francisco. If not here’s the video below…

Wow… It was a very mixed reaction, ranging from raw emotional fun to classes jerk. Now while Sherman’s post-game comments were the most high profile, in ACC land there were some other post-game comments that were a bit controversial and also drew some mixed reactions.

After Syracuse’s win this Pittsburgh in a hard fought game, Orange head Jim Boeheim had this to say…

Some fans felt Boeheim took a public dig at his current conference the ACC, while others felt he was being nostalgic for a Big East conference he was an integral part of for so many years, and meant no disrespect to the ACC.

One thing I fell very sure of is that there are members of the Seattle Seahawks and Syracuse Orange organization that might instruct Sherman and Boeheim to tone it down next time. I feel this is especially true in the case of Sherman, whose post-game comments could be a distraction leading up to the Super Bowl.

I do think both post-game interviews were the result of emotional hard fought victories, and that reactions have been blown out of proportion.

Let’s start with Boeheim. For Boeheim it’s never been secret that he hated to see the dissolution of the Big East. Remember this gem from Boeheim?

“We’ve been coming here for 34 years,” Boeheim told reporters. “That’s a lot of history. Every one of these games is a little bit of sadness for me. I know where all the good restaurants are now, and now I’ve got to go down to Clemson, S.C. I’m sure there’s a couple of Denny’s down there. They’ll like me a lot now in Clemson. I like to make friends before I get down there.” 

If you watched this weekend’s between Pittsburgh and Syracuse it was an old time Big East game. It was a physical and defensive minded. It’s a style that simply is not something we see often in the more open court ACC. I for one this welcome more diversity in basketball styles in the ACC. It can only help the conference in the long run.

Back to  Boeheim’s comments, certainly he may not want to say that when Syracuse is playing in Greensboro, NC in March. Syracuse is in the ACC, and things aren’t going back to the way they were. For now though, I understand Boeheim. Change is hard, the Big East was a great basketball conference and understandably Boeheim misses it.

Now to Sherman… Boeheim’s comments were pretty isolated, but Sherman’s were everywhere and replayed over and over again. Sherman explained that he has a history with Crabtree.  I heard Crabtree say it was Sherman’s only big play of the game. They don’t like each other. It’s football it happens. What I like actually is Sherman never backed down from his comments. He meant what said. He didn’t commit a crime and he didn’t cheap shot Crabtree. I’m ok with that, and I can’t wait until Seattle and San Francisco play again.

That said Sherman needs to put the comments to rest until the 49ers and Seahawks play again or at least until the off-season. Other Seattle players and coaches don’t need to spend the next two weeks talking about this interview. Sherman addressed his comments today, and should leave it at that. It got overblown, but Sherman can’t let it continue to be the story or some of the criticism will be deserved.

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