Articles from around the ACC Blogosphere January 14, 2014.


Our first Articles from the around the ACC Blogosphere! Since our last ACC Blogosphere Florida State won the BCS National Title over Auburn. Congratulations to them again.

Time to see what’s happening with the ACC bloggers now.

When you are a team as good Florida State, how do you maintain that elite level of football when you lose such talented players? Tomahawknation looks at Seminoles NFL losses and where they stand for the future at those positions. 

How about a film review of Clemson’s great Orange Bowl win over Ohio State? ShakintheSouthland has one  for you. 

We can start looking at Louisville especially the football team. Bobby Petrino will be the Cardinal’s head coach. We all know about his checkered past, but here’s a story about Petrino making donations to a Children’s hospital. Let’s hope those are the kind of stories we hear more often of from him.

ACCPerscription highlights some of the ACC most impressive football stats from this past season. 

What’s Boston College blog BCInterruption  take on Maryland counter suit of the ACC for $157 Million? Interesting thoughts good read…

DukeSportsBlog sees some strides in Duke’s win over Virginia Monday night. Could you have imagined if Duke had lost?

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