A Florida State win over Auburn in the BCS Title game would be good for College Football.


If you’re not a fan of a SEC school, you suffer from it. It’s called SEC fatigue We all do… 126 Division 1 schools, and sometimes it seems college football revolves around the 14 teams in the Southeastern Conference. The perception is that they get they get the benefit of the doubt in the polls. The perception is that the national media is in a constant SEC love affair. You’ve heard the jokes… they don’t call it E SEC PN for nothing. Some of their fans seemingly take more pride in the conference than their own teams.

Here’s the thing though as the saying goes to the winner goes the spoils, and the SEC has won seven straight football national titles, by 4 different teams. They’ve won eight out the last ten national titles, and nine of the last fifteen. Since 1998 they also have more bowl and BCS  wins than any other conference.  Any discussion contrary to the assertion of the SEC’s football dominance is quickly drowned out by reference to the seven straight national titles.

Just ask Oklahoma head coach what he thinks about the SEC… He laid this zinger following the Sooners 14 point win over 2-time defending champion Alabama in the Sugar Bowl. Even Stoops has SEC fatigue.

Obviously, we can play with anybody, whether it’s the SEC or anyone else. And to say we can’t … well, Alabama’s been rolling the SEC for the last three years and we didn’t seem to be overwhelmed last night. I’m done with that talk.”

Too much winning by any entity in sports eventually will lead to boredom. This is from longtime CBS Analyst Verne Lundquist… 

“The level of excellence displayed by the SEC is to be admired,” Lundquist said. “But I’m not so much of a participant in the telecasts of the SEC as to not understand the desire for many people to have a little variety, to have something different. I do understand the feelings from many parts of the country. Let’s have some raspberry after all of the vanilla.” 

This article came prior to the start of this season… 

Sport requires drama, suspense, some degree of uncertainty to truly capture our attention.

In this sport, though, we’ve got the closest thing to a sure bet. Come January, we all know there’s likely to be another Southeastern Conference team standing in the middle of that confetti at the Rose Bowl, collecting the league’s eighth straight national title.

Outside of Auburn fans, it appears most fans of other SEC schools will be rooting for Auburn, but I think most of the rest of the country will be rooting for Florida State to end era of SEC dominance.

Should FSU win as I wrote a few weeks, they would be a champion of great historical significance. It’s an honor  that only one team will ever possess, the one that ends the SEC’s 7 title streak. Thankfully for the Seminoles aren’t playing the entire SEC, it’s the Auburn Tigers they’ll face.

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