Louisville proves Miami still has a lot of work to do.

Louisville v Purdue

I think the general consensus was that when Miami got into the top 10 they were overrated. Florida State showed us how much college football’s elite had separated from Miami in their easy 41-14 win. Again we saw it tonight, as Louisville easily dispatched Miami 36-9. The Cardinals are obviously not in Florida State’s class, but they are in that next group of teams somewhere ranked 5-15 especially with a QB like Teddy Bridgewater at the controls. The Hurricanes are not there.

It wasn’t a lost season for Miami. At 9-4, the year was decent but not great. The Hurricanes still haven’t made the ACC Title game, and their biggest rival FSU is light years ahead of them. Miami of 2013 are where the Noles were several years ago. There’s some young talent, and signs things will get better, but it doesn’t happen over night.

The Hurricanes, I believe, will become a legitimate top 10 team in 3-4 years. They are recruiting too well. Their current class is by every measure a top 10 group. With the NCAA investigation behind them the Hurricanes can move forward. Al Golden is a good coach, and Duke Johnson returns at RB. Miami will be very good again, but it will take time, and the Russel Athletic Bowl bowl proved that. Miami still has a lot of work to do. Their linemen need to spend the entire spring in the weig

For Louisville, it’s a shame we won’t ever see Teddy Bridgewater in the ACC. They way he played tonight, I can’t see him staying. His stock will never be higher then after shredding the Miami defense to pieces. That said as long as Charlie Strong is at Louisville the Cardinals will be competitive. They have athletes on both sides of the ball. With Bridgewater next year they are the ACC”s second best team. Even without him, I compare them favorably  to Clemson without Tajh Boyd.

There are enough top end players and good enough coaching that an 9-10 win season is very possible even without Bridgewater. They are a great addition to the ACC, with a strong fanbase. Louisville winning is not bad for the ACC, it’s good. The quality football depth of the ACC increased by one more team. Louisville is putting together a top 25 class, and I can see them in the upper half of the ACC for the forseeable future.

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