Bon Voyage Maryland… Terps football exits ACC with a bowl loss.


As I usually do  I’ll write a quick impression of an ACC team after their bowl game. Maryland is technically still in the ACC for the moment. Basically I don’t have alot of thoughts on a program that is leaving the ACC. I’ve never liked the Edsall the hire. He’s not awful, but he won’t take Terrapins to the next level.

Yes there have been a lot of injuries but after 3 seasons, you’ve won 13 total games.  The Terps lost 6 of their last 9 games, and they beat exactly 1 ACC team that had an ACC victory.

Moving to the Big 10 hasn’t boosted recruiting either. Sitting at 59th in the scout rankings isn’t exactly going to put you on par with Ohio State or any of the better teams in the Big 10.

I really think this is a program going no where fast. I don’t know how long the administration is going to give Edsall, and maybe they are happy with the progress from 2 wins, to 4 wins to this year to 7 wins and a bowl game. Maybe they will look at next year as a transition year and not care about the record. Who knows… Maryland had a couple of decent runs in the ACC. There were some good years in the 80s, and the 30+ wins in the early 2000s, but overall there hasn’t been a lot to cheer for if you are Maryland fan.

Maybe the move will change their fortunes.

Good Bye Terrapin football.

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