If Florida State stops the SEC’s 7 year Title run, the Seminoles won’t just be a great team, they will be a legendary one.


When January 6th, 2014 arrives, the Florida State Seminoles will be playing the Auburn Tigers for the National Championship. They will not be be playing the S-E-C. Tomahawknation wrote a great piece of satire in their article Florida State faces huge challenge in defeating SEC in title game. As much as the ACC will take pride in a win, and they should, it’s not an ACC vs SEC battle either. Don’t get me wrong, Florida State winning the BCS National Title would be great for the ACC, but on the field it’s Florida State vs Auburn.

With that said there is an one unmistakable fact going into the game.

A team from the SEC has won seven straight BCS National Titles. The best teams from the Big 10, Big 12, Pac 12, and Notre Dame have taken their shots and all have failed. This has fed the perception that the SEC”s birthright is to win the National Title, and that the best football teams reside in the SEC. It’s a pretty overwhelming perception too.

It will remain that way until somebody knocks them off, and for the time being this is what we will continue to get…

On their BCS show some ESPN talking heads made Auburn sound like an NFL team, more battle tested than FSU.

This nugget came from CollegeFootballNews.com

The athleticism, the depth, the speed, the talent, the overall ability – everything about this matchup screams Florida State. There’s only one problem: Florida State isn’t in the SEC. I’ve made the mistake before of going against the SEC in BCS championships –

That’s what 7 straight national titles does for you. Throw out any logical analysis of game, because Auburn is in the SEC. I think you get the idea.

Florida State isn’t actually playing the SEC or the myth of the SEC, but there’s no question a myth exists. Only one team will be remembered as the one that stopped the “streak”. That team can be the Florida State Seminoles.

In 1972 Olympics the Soviet Union became the first country to ever defeat the USA in basketball at the Olympics. It was a controversial finish but it happened, and all sports fan know it. In 1974 Notre Dame stopped UCLA’s 88 game winning streak. Y.E. Yang’s claim to fame was becoming the  first golfer to ever defeat Tiger Wood’s when Woods was leading a major going into the Final round. Woods was previously 14-0 in this position, and Yang did this at the 2009 PGA Championship. Back in 2007 the New York Giants defeated an 18-0 New England Patriots team in the Super Bowl. The list goes on and on…

Memorable streaks that came to an end by various teams and athletes. Each time a significant moment in sports history. For Florida State, the opportunity is there be that program that ends the SEC’s title run. It would provide a historical distinction to their championship and propel the 2013 Seminoles team to legendary status.

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