Articles from around the ACC Blogosphere December 10, 2013.


OK Let’s jump right into those Articles around the ACC Blogosphere!

Did you know that Florida State won’t be playing the Auburn Tigers in the BCS National Championship? They are playing the entire S-E-C. Tomahawknation has a hilarious take on the whole FSU vs S-E-C narrative.  Look I believe there is something to FSU potentially stopping the SEC’s title run and I will write about it in the next few days, but when it comes to one on one matchups it’s FSU vs Auburn.

By the way did you watch ESPN’s BCS special? The talking heads there made Auburn sound like the Denver Broncos. I’m not even sure why FSU is even bothering to show up.

What’s ShakintheSouthLands initial reaction to Clemson playing Ohio State in the Orange Bowl? That’s sound like relief to me, but still with plenty of respect for the Buckeyes.

TarHeelFanBlog looks at the Heels recent 31 point win over UNCG.  Why is this important? Well the Heels didn’t have a letdown after their big Michigan St. win. If the Heels beat Kentucky for their 3rd top 15 win, I’d put them in the top 12.

DukeSportsBlog says the Blue Devils loss to Florida State in the ACC Championship game is nothing to be ashamed about.  I was there, and Duke competed. Was Florida State much better? Yes much better, no question about it, but Duke had a good game plan. They were physical with the Noles early, and I think that caught FSU by surprise for a moment. To their credit Florida State never lost focus after a sluggish first qtr. Duke proved they are a good team, but FSU is a great one.

Florida State’s Jameis Winston is going to win Heisman, but another ACC player will be there in NYC too. Andre Williams after his 2,000+ yard rushing season gets an invite and BC blog Soaring to Glory is obviously very proud.

Why isn’t Pittsburgh basketball ranked asks Pitt blog CardiacHill?  Good question because I’m wondering too. The Panther definitely deserve to be in the top 25.

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