No BCS controversy : It’s Florida State and Auburn for it all.


Just got back from the ACC Championship. It was the 2nd time this year I’ve seen Florida State up close. I was impressed with them every bit as much as when I saw them dismantle Clemson. While FSU winning the ACCCG was never going to be in doubt, Duke landed some early punches on the Seminoles.

FSU could have struggled and made the game much closer than many expected. That didn’t happen. FSU regrouped quickly after a scoreless first quarter to beat Duke 45-7. Duke is a good team, but they were no match for an elite Florida State team.

The Noles not only are extremely talented, but they’ve shown tremendous focus the entire season.  They never had that let down game. That never even came close, and now they’ll play for it all.

Their opponent will the Auburn Tigers. Look if Ohio State had won today, I think they should have been in the title game. There would have been controversy though. People questioning the Buckeye’s schedule would have never ended. The Buckeyes made sure there was no controversy. Ohio State collapsed in a 34-24 loss to Michigan St. Nearly 2 years of winning and nothing to show for it. Ouch…

We should have known if the SEC’s run of national titles was going to end, it would have to be on the field. It wasn’t going to be Ohio State helping lock out the SEC. There are so many storylines to this game, from the return of the FSU, to the historical significance of the Noles potentially being the team to stop the dominance of SEC.

I’ll have more thoughts on this game in the coming weeks.

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