The 8 Team college football playoff format that I hope to see one day.


The BCS was great because we had an exciting regular season all the games mattered! No I don’t like it, because my conference is tougher than your conference and your schedule stinks anyways. The SEC apologists are so much fun. We can have both though, a meaningful regular season and an exciting and lucrative playoff.

It’s really quite simple.

8 Teams

5 Power Conference Champions

2 At-Large Bids

Highest ranked team from a Non Power 5 conference

What could be easier? This is a win win scenario at every level. Do you want exciting sold out must see conference championship games? The winner of that game is in the playoff. Do you want regular season games that matter? That Alabama vs Auburn game is for a SEC Divisional Title. Alabama would probably make it in this year as an At Large team, but would they chance that each year, when there are only 2 available spots? That Clemson vs FSU game would matter just as much as before because you’re fighting to get into that automatic qualifying game. This year’s Clemson vs South Carolina game would have been a virtual playoff entry game to try and obtain the at large bid.

How’s that for meaningful regular season football.

Lastly in fairness and I’m a big proponent of this, you give the non-Power 5 conference school a chance. We know it, we’ve seen it. In the past schools like TCU, Utah, and Boise St. proved they could beat and play with anyone in the country.

This scenario even satisfies the SEC who may argue they have the top 2 or 3 teams in the country. The SEC could potentially have up to 3 teams playing for a national title.

I do think the 4 team playoff will eventually expand to 8, but no more. 16 would create dilution in the field and really would render the regular season meaningless.

This is the playoff format I hope to see one day.

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