Fair or not, Tajh Boyd’s legacy will be defined by his final South Carolina game.


Tajh Boyd has been a very good quarterback for the Clemson Tigers. He’s guided Clemson to it’s first back to back to back 10+ win season since the last 1980s. He’s won an ACC Title. He’s beat Florida State, Auburn, LSU and Georgia.

He’s won bowl games and put up video game like stats. He’s done a lot in his time at Clemson. Some even call him the best quarterback Clemson has ever had, but what he hasn’t done is defeat South Carolina, Clemson most fierce rival.

In may not be fair, but I just can’t call Boyd the greatest QB in Clemson history, if he leaves without beating South Carolina. That honor I would have to give to Steve Fuller, but that’s a different discussion.

I understand this the high water mark for Gamecock football. The last few years it’s the best it’s ever been. Steve Spurrier has turned South Carolina into a legitimate SEC power. It’s unfortunate that Boyd has had to play against such quality South Carolina teams, but that’s the way it goes.

Boyd has had 4 games in his career that he completed less than 50% of passes. Two of those were against South Carolina including an a nightmare 11 for 29 83 yard game in his last visit to Columbia in 2011. Those kind of performances raised doubts about whether Boyd could win big game. Seemingly those doubts were erased after wins over LSU and a healthy Georgia team only to come up again after Florida State’s dismantling of Clemson last month.

This is an opportunity for redemption for Boyd. He chance to lock Clemson into it’s 2nd BCS bowl game in the last 3 years, and finally get that coveted victory over South Carolina.

Now go have some Turkey and we’ll be back Friday!

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