Podcast – Lynchburg, VA News and Advance’s @ChrisLangLNA talks FCS Football Playoffs with @HokieSmash and @TalkinACCSports


@HokieSmash is back with us on the podcast after a week away. He joins the podcast with me (@TalkinACCSports ) and our special guest @ChrisLangLNA to talk about the FCS playoffs. For you FCS fans out there you’ll really enjoy this podcast. He covers Liberty football for Lynchburg, VA’s News and Advance so he knows the FCS inside and out.

To download the audio file of this podcast, please go here.

In this order, these are topics @ChrisLangLNA covered on this podcast. We really appreciate @ChrisLangLNA for joining us and talking about the FCS playoffs.

@ChrisLangLNA tells us about himself

@ChrisLangLNA talks about his Ball State over UVA pick that few others picked

What does Liberty have to do to get to FCS playoffs?

Thoughts on Big 10 saying they no longer wanted to schedule FCS schools.

FCS playoff Snubs and Surprise teams that made field.

Thoughts on JMU’s firing and possible candidates.

Bracket by Bracket winners in the FCS playoffs, and who will win it all. (Some surprise picks here!)

How can the FCS improve, and how can they retain more teams?

Virginia Tech’s and Virginia’s football season so far.

Final Thoughts

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