What is the problem with Virginia Tech football?

Frank Beamer

Friday we gave Georgia Tech a hard time asked what is wrong with Georgia Tech football? following their blowout loss to Clemson, but the Jacket fans are not alone in their frustration. In fact Virginia Tech fans maybe be more frustrated.

With the Coastal Division division title their’s for the taking, Virginia Tech came out flat and minus a few brief moments played uninspired football at home on senior day against a mediocre Maryland team. This was a total debacle in Blacksburg. All the Hokies had to do was beat the Terps at home, then win at reeling Virginia, and the Coastal Division would belong to them. They lost in OT 27-24.

It’s hard to imagine Virginia Tech losing to Virginia, so I’d expect the Hokies to finish to 8-4. Of course if they lost would anyone be that surpsised? Frankly, I don’t think the Hokies are much better if at all than last year. The only difference is they avoided Clemson and Florida State, who they played lost to last season and would have lost to this season. Ok I will say the defense is improved.

So how did the Hokies end up like this? What’s the problem? I’ll let you vote. Where I thought Georgia Tech’s issue was a major overall decline in talent, I think the Hokies have let their talent decline on the offensive side of the ball.

Where are the playmakers, because I don’t see any David Wilson’s out there. I also believe though the coaching has become a problem. The offense outside of the Miami game has looked unimagitive and predictable. It’s been that way for a number of years as well, even with the change in OC to Scott Loeffler this season. Falling behind Clemson and Florida State on ACC ladder is one thing, but clearly this program is at a cross roads. Duke is in the driver’s seat, but shockingly Virginia Tech can still win the Coastal under a couple of scenarios, but barring a win there would it change anything?


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